👅 I’ll Be Your Romeo, If You’ll Be My Juliet (Poetry) 👅

“False Reflection Pt. 1”

A Prince destined for the crown,

though he’ll never see

His people’s astonishment though always known,

a great leader he would be

A single night before that very day,

of which change the change of rule took place

A Prince pondered a father’s shoes he’d fill,

a Prince began to pace

Slight glimmer catching teary eyes,

impossible not to look

Blinded by a mind’s false reflection,

in the crown he never took

Not born to lead ’twas self-decieved,

a blade turned bright rose red

Replacing the grandest ceremony,

an unexpected mourning was had instead

Without their predestined King,

the one to be savior of all

A forgotten people brought to their knees,

a false reflection, a kingdom would fall

— Jax Stone


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