“False Reflection” – Part 2

“False Reflection Pt. 2”

Rustic spoons and russet water,

spoiled rye and porridge old

Callus hands from tending land

winter grief, no escaping cold

Such things are commonplace,

in a poor young peasant’s life

Not so common, to take the hand of royalty

thus, becoming a new king’s wife

Once a peasant, soon a queen

an idea thought as crass

Yet, truth for a beautiful women

gazing at glass that’s staring back

What she sees in her quarter’s mirror though,

a familiar face, but truth her image lacks

Tomorrow she’ll become a queen

but tricked by a false reflection of life, past

Worn out sandals and stockings

garment hand-made from goat wool

Too entranced to grasp what’s real

a beauty engulfed in sadness, soon laid to rest a fool

“How could I dream of finer things?”

“Such things are of a hopeless fairytale”

With a hastened act, emotions beyond control

her lips grow cold and skin ghost pale

Found by her lover, just days after his father’s untimely death

her lover takes his own life, too hard wading life’s water, thick

A king and queen’s future ruined, alongside a kingdom they’d never share

a false reflection can steal life’s truth, in a malevolent twist of sick

— Jax Stone

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