Get to Know Jax

Hi! I’m just a guy in my 20’s who is passionate about enjoying every aspect of life. My hobbies are learning about and enjoying things such as food, music, travel, space exploration, meditation, family, risk-taking, humor (life can be shitty but laughing is 100% happier than crying…the best humor brings both) home-improvement, love, money, TV/Movies (cartoons are a personal fave) self-improvement, poetry, fitness, relationships (BDSM to life-long cheesy high-school sweetheart love, sports, dad-jokes, technology, sex, and did I mention sex? πŸ™„

To put it simply, I want to meet everyone, know everything, and enjoy it to the max. I pretty much FAIL at doing everything I just listed… but that’s not the point πŸ˜… Learn from and laugh at my mistakes, question my ideology, mock my attempts, admire my passion, stroke my co…I mean ego (unless you weren’t offended, in which case please do 😘 just kidding *but seriously*.

LASTLY, maybe… just maybe…you’ll find my content appealing and choose to subscribe and enjoy life with me!

Thank you for reading, as I’m sure it was just as brutal reading this as it was to write it!! 😎

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